Recall the bitterness of the old days, appreciate the sweetness of the present life

(Image is from internet 忆苦思甜)

During lunch time,  two coworkers who were both Chinese immigrants talked about their old days when they first came to USA.

One coworker W- said that when they first came to the USA, she and her husband had to sleep on the floor in her friend’s house for several months before they finally afford to live in an apartment. The monthly rental payment of the apartment was $650, which was quite a financial burden for them.  Now, that amount is even less than the monthly payment of her Mercedes Benz S500.  She owns four luxury cars in the house currently.  The life has been improving for the better tremendously.

The other coworker H- said that during the first half year they came to the States, their friend lent her and her husband an old car. The car had a big hole right in front of one of the back seats, and the ground was seen through the hole, so they had to cover the hole with a piece of blanket.  Although it was a four-door car, the rear doors were tightly stuck and weren’t being opened so the passengers who was going to sat at the back seats had to crawl back and forth and go through the front doors. Nowadays, this coworker and her family live in a huge single family house with delicate decoration, and their car has been changed to Lexus luxury car.

Observing their life styles now, I found it kind of difficult to image their stories of the miserable pasts they experienced.  Lives are definitely getting better and better. They have both reached certain level of their life goals now. By recalling hardships of the old days, they are able to savor the sweetness of the happy present lives.


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