Tiger mother?!

(Image is from internet)

Yale law school professor Amy Chua, a Chinese descent, became one of the most controversial mothers around the world since her new book battle hymn of the tiger mother was published. She claimed that she wanted to raise her two daughter in a strict traditional Chinese way. It sounds like Chinese way is superior to western way, which triggered the sensitive nerve of most American mothers. Her stories of never accepting a grade lower than an A, of insisting on hours of math and spelling drills and piano and violin practice each day (weekends and vacations included), of not allowing playdates or sleepovers or television or computer games or even school plays, for goodness’ sake, have left many readers outraged but also defensive.

Reading the reviews of the book and the critical opinions upon the author, on the one hand, I secretely felt a little better on my own parenting style. Because sometimes when I treat Eric a little harsh, I felt guilty inside, kind of worried that I am a mean mom. Knowing how strict tiger mother treated her daughters, sometimes even on the border of cruel, I am hugely relieved that I have never come close to her way.

On the other hand, I think thee is something that I need to learn from tiger mother. Although Amy Chua seems go beyond the limit of one end along the parenting road, I seem to go near the limit of the other end. It is all about balancing.  We are usually too permissive to Eric, which causes him sometimes to be indulgent at home while appear weak at the outside.  So we need to rectify our parenting way: more discipline and less spoil.

Recently, one trick from me is to speak loudly when Eric isn’t so disciplined: “I am tiger mother. You have to listen to me.” This trick usually works, but I can forecast that it is slowly losing its effect.


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