Du Lala’s promotion

Last week, I spent five nights watching the 32-episodes TV series Du Lala’s promotion. Luodan Wang (as Du Lala) and Guangjie Li (as Wang Wei) acted the female and male leading roles respectively.

The book, the movie, and the TV series

I read the popular Chinese novel with the same title by Li Ke years ago. Last year I watched the movie version directed by Xu Jinglei.

Comparing the three – book, movie, and TV series, I like the TV series most. Why? The book is surely worthy of reading, but I always believe that to put a novel on screen will increase its prominence and lifelikeness.

I don’t know about you guys, when I watched the movie, I didn’t even get the plot. All I remembered is Lao Xu’s pretended confidence.  Everything in the movie was very phoney.  Besides, the movie is more like a love story, instead of a career striving story.

On the contrary, the TV series is more down to earth, which describes the struggle and difficulty a lower-level white collar girl faces while climing up the corporate career ladder. There are some alterations of the plot of the story compared to the original book, but the TV series sticks to the center line from the beginning to the end: honesty and persistence to her life goal makes Du Lala succeed both in career and in love.

The story

The story is inspiring.  This article did a good job at summizing the story.

In such a fiercely competitive society like nowadays, people incline to believe that they will have to try all ways, up ground or underground, to stand out in the competition. Du Lala’s story tells the opposite.  An honest and upright person, with all her effort input and within her moral boundary, she can distinguish herself as well.

Du Lala grows up step by step, from a girl not familiar with the ways of the world, awkwardly bumping here and there, to a confident middle-level manager.  While watching the TV, I stroke a responsive chord in my heart, not only from my own experience, but also from my friends’ stories. 

I recalled of XY, my manager when I was in Singapore.  She is a reality version of Du Lala: she worked super hard, she stuck to her principle, so she won respect from the coworkers, and in the end she achieved the success she has been longing for.


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