I have been longing for travelling to Yosemite for several months now.

Good news came last weekend that our Church will organize an activity to Yosemite for students and brothers & sisters coordination.  We signed up immediately. Very looking forward to it.

We also signed up for brother & coworker F-. F- always tells us that he wants to go to Yosemite national park, but he finds nobody to travel together with him. There is an interesting story to show how intense his desire is.

Our company’s annual trip is planned to go to Catalina Island.  As soon as he got the news, F- actively advocated the benefit committee to change the destination to Yosemite. He took the initiative enthusiastically like an political activist: debate with the committee members, call for other co-workers to support him, etc. However, because it was too late to reschedule the whole activity, despite all the effort, his wishful thinking fell through.  He was very disappointed.

I am happy that our church’s activity will help him fulfil his wish.

Yosemite, we are coming~~ 🙂


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