Pizza breakfast

This morning we got up a little bit earlier than usual.  What to prepare for breakfast?  That’s a question I ask myself every morning.  Since we had enough time this
morning, maybe we could prepare a rich breakfast. Plus, we had Chinese buns as breakfast for several days in a row, so I felt the urge to change our menu.

“How about pepperoni pizza?” When I searched through the fridge, I found raw pizza Richard bought from Stater Bros supermarket before, so I asked Eric.

“Yeah!” Eric was sort of excited.  Pizza is always Eric’s favorite food.

Set the oven at 425oF, baked for 20 minutes, waited for another 5 minutes, and then the Pizza is ready to eat.  Richard divided the pizza into small pieces with a pizza wheel.

Eric picked up one piece and took a big bite. “Mom, I’m going to turn it into zero.” Eric announced.  We were happy that Eric liked it. The dough was a bit stiff, so it was hard to chew, but slowly and slowly, Eric finished the whole piece.

Eric was very proud of himself. “Mom, look. I turned the pizza into zero.”  He carried the empty plate to show me the proof.

“Wow, Eric, you ate like a tiger!” “Wow, good job, Eric!” Both Richard and I tried our best to flatter Eric.

Eric is a picky eater.  He used to have no much interest in food.  Even during night in his dream, he shouted once, “I don’t want to eat this.” I didn’t know what he dreamed about, but I was pretty sure that he felt pressure too when we were pressed to try our ways to feed him food.  So whenever we see him to enjoy eating some food, Richard and I feel very happy. 🙂

Recently, to our relief, Eric is gaining his interest in food and starting to eat more, as a pleasant result, he is growing much taller now.  I’m so proud of him.


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