Order sandwich at Subway

Subway is our favorite restaurant.  The sandwiches there are healthy and fresh.  The way to order sandwiches at Subway is interesting too.

In the trays of the counter under a glass hood, sandwich ingredients are categorized neatly into different portions.  From one end of the counter to the other, the portions are : bread area, meat area, veggie area, and sauce area .

If you want to buy a sandwich, you need to start from the bread area, and a food assistant will help to make the customized sandwich based on your selections.

In a sequence, first pick the bread you would like to eat; and then choose the cheeses and meats from a big variety; after that, the assistant who is serving you will ask you if you would like to toast it; if your answer is yes, he or she will toast the bread (with cheese and meat in between) for you, otherwise, you will continue to choose your favorite veggies and sauces.  When you are done, the assistant will help to wrap the sandwich and ask you if you want to eat here or order to go.  The process is easy and interesting.

Here are the varieties for your selection:

Honey Italian; Wheat; Honey Oat; Cheddar Bread; Italian Herb & Cheese


American cheese; Swiss cheese; pepper jack cheese; Provolone Cheese

American cheese

Swiss Cheese

Pepper jack cheese

Provolone cheese


Cold Cut Combo; Ham; Turkey; Ham/Turkey; Club; Roast Beef; Tuna; Chicken Salad; Italian B.M.T.


Lettuce; Tomato; Red onion; Pickles; Cucumbers; Black olives; Jalepenos; Green peppers; Banana peppers


Oil/Red wine vinegar; Mustard; Salt/pepper; Spicy mustard; Mayo; Light mayo; BBQ sauce; Honey mustard; Ranch; Sweet onion sauce; Italian dressing; Ketchup


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