At 5’ tall and about 100 lbs, I used to be very self conscious of my height and weight, which in turn lower my self-esteem.  Although I am doing a pretty good job at self-improving and become more and more confident now, sometimes peoples’ comments, jokes, or way of looking still more or less affect my thinking.  It’s hard to take it for granted of people’s unaware ignorance of us petites.

Yesterday I chanced on this website.  This is a wonderful fashion blog website for petites.  The owner of this website is a lovely lady called Jean.  She is 5’ tall and 90 lbs. I guess she must have had similar confusion before as a petite girl.  But she looks so confident and gorgeous.  She turned her petite size to an opportunity to make friends and even take it as a business opportunity.  She’s perfectly dressed, and she said fit is the premise of her blog.

In this post, she was literally talking about building confidence beyond stature. She gave three very constructive suggestions on this topic: look your best, carry yourself well, and be a valuable contributor.

I totally relate these opinions.  Using a before and after method: before, I was slouchy, unfashionable, and soft spoken; now, I’m slowly aware of the importance of makeup and being dressed more fashionable; I also learned that speaking loudly can actually increase my confidence level;  However, I need to straighten myself up a little bit while standing or walking.

I’m so happy to know from Jean’s blog that there are a group of beautiful confident petite girls who write fashion blogs.  With their blogs, they share fashion information and inspirations and build up friendship. What a wonderful virtual world!


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