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Aug 7th is our fourth anniversary.  Four years already? Time really flies.

I am a careless wife, whose brain memory size is always too limited to storage all those important dates.  Lucky Richard!  He must have saved a lot on the
presents and outing activities.  Just kidding!  Nowadays, we lead a pretty thrift life, so we don’t have extra amount to spend on those celebrations.  Here is how we celebrated on the past four anniversaries:-

Our 1st anniversary, Curry House, lunch;

2nd one, Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes, lunch;

3rd one, I got an important appointment; we didn’t eat anything special, at least not as we remembered;

4th one, yesterday, home-cooked food; I suggested to go to theater and watch the Smurfs, but the proposal was rejected by Richard.  Instead, he preferred to watch the movie online with one sensible reason that we are not sure if Eric likes the dark theater without light.

Life is simple and pragmatic.  Happiness is to stay with the loved ones and lead a down-to-earth life while we are all together on the road to achieve our life goals.


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