Driving on freeway

(Picture is from Internet)

Last Thursday, I made my freeway driving debut.  Since then, I drive on the CA-91 freeway everyday to and off work.  I am so excited.

For the recent one month or two, I drove Richard and Eric home after work and school, so I gained enough experience driving on local roads.  I’m pretty sure that I drive with great facility.  Both Richard and I believe that time is ripe for me to drive on freeway.

Last Thursday, we drove through Dell Taco for our breakfast.  When I got out to school, I had two opinions: either took the short-cut to freeway, or made a long detour to drive on local road. However, we were pressed for time. So I asked the Father and Son, “Shall we drive on to the freeway or on the local way?”  Eric replied, “Freeway.”  Ok, got it!

To be honest, I was a little nervous, so I begged Richard to change his seat to the passenger seat so he could monitor the road traffic conditions for me.  But he seemed to be very confident in me, so he didn’t change seat.  I had to handle the driving onto the CA-91 freeway all by myself. Thank God, the average speed on the freeway that day wasn’t very fast, so I followed a big truck and drove not-so-fast but steadily. When I finally exited the freeway, I shouted happily, “I made it!” Eric appeared not so impressed because he asked, “you made what?”  It is very common to drive on the freeway because almost every driver can do it. But I know I made a little self-improvement.

Frankly speaking, I still felt nervous driving on freeway thereafter till now. I can’t help grasping the steering wheel tightly.  It may be a good thing for me though because the little nervousness makes me alert and focused.


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