Free of worries

(Image is from internet)

For years my petite size was a huge burden on my mind. During my four-year college life, very often I literarily lay on red staring at the ceiling till dawn just worrying about my height. Worrying didn’t help me increase my height by one inch, but I couldn’t help letting the concern tortures me.

When Eric was born, I became worried about his height.  Therefore I pressed him to eat more and more.  When Eric eats a lot, I feel very happy; when Eric refuses to eat more, I become depressed myself.  Hubby said my worry was really unnecessary, but I sincerely believe from the bottom of my heart that my concern is for Eric’s good.  However, quite often, my aggressive request made everybody nervous and unhappy.

My way of thinking changed for the better in recent one year or two.  After marriage, before and after we had child, too many things happened.  I learned to think of the elements of life: good, bad, happy, unhappy, worry, free of worry, ego, letting go of ego, etc..  I slowly broaden my outlook and pulled myself together. I gained self-confidence.  I learned to enjoy life and to find beauty and happiness in daily trivia.  Life is comprised of millions of trifles, right?  I learned a lot from my dearest Taurus husband. Thank you, hubby, both for those harsh tortures you put on me and for those warm kind encouraging words, which prompted me to make progress.

I was rather amazed when I found the group of petite girls’ blogs.  They are small, petite, and with similar sizes as mine.  However, they lead fulfilling lives by appreciating their own beauties.  While I was whining about my miserable height, they were building up their blogs about beauty and fashion style to fit their petite sizes and even turning their blogs into communication platforms and business opportunities. I felt obsessed by their confidence and elegant postures.  Their attitude for life and confidence from inside out are really eye-opening to me.

Slowly, slowly, I take the burden of my petite size off my mind. Everyone is unique. Everyone has his or her own stature, short or tall, plump or slim. The key to live happily is to have confidence from inside out.  This is not empty or superficial tall talk.  Whenever the way of thinking changes to the good direction, confidence is planted inside my sub-consciousness. Slowly the outlook changes to reflect the solid inside.  I look different now.  I know it.  I am prettier, happier, and more confident.  Hurray!


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