Lost a horse while riding on it

(Image is from internet)

During lunch time a co-worker F told an amusing story happened when he was young.

It was in 1960’s when F was a college student on the prairie of western China.  F had been longing for horse-riding for a long time.  The worry-free scene of horse riding on a broad prairie usually seen from those popular movies was the incentive that prompt F to enroll in that school which was located in such a distant and lonely place. Finally he got a chance. One day, his school assigned him a task to send a message to another school.  The other school was located several miles away, so he borrowed a horse from the school so that he could ride on horseback to go to the other school.

That’s the first time ever he rode on a horse, but he felt fearless.  F managed to climb up to the horse, and rode for a few miles.  However, on the half way of their journey, the horse became restless.  Maybe because the horse felt uncomfortable about the way F rode on it, or maybe because it just wanted to be naughty, it jolted vigorously and fell F off its back.  While F lay down on the ground and before he came to understand what had happened, the horse jogged away, carelessly kicking F at his ankle while passing by.  F’s ankle became swollen and bruised immediately. Without any energy to chase after the horse, F helplessly stared at the direction of the horse that quickly disappeared in the horizon of the broad prairie.

F felt so upset. He was hurt, and most importantly, he was scared because he lost the school’s horse. “How much will a horse cost? Maybe 1000 RMB (that’s a handsome amount back then~)? I’ll have to ask my parents to send me money to pay for the loss.” These cranky ideas hovered over F’s head.  He tried to find a solution, but ended up with a blank mind.  After resting for about an hour, F gradually pulled himself together and managed to stand up and limped to his destination to send the message.

In the evening, when F arrived back at his own college, he was so mentally disturbed. However, he still plucked up his courage to murmur to his supervisor that he lost the horse, he felt very sorry, what had happened, so forth and so on.  The supervisor couldn’t help laughing when F finished his story. F felt confused. Patting on F’s shoulder, the supervisor told him that the horse had been back itself, and now it was resting in its barn.  F felt both relieved and annoyed.

Hearing here, we all burst into laughter.  What an interesting memory!  We teased F that he lost his horse while riding on it.  F said thoughtfully, “from then on, I really understand the idiom: ‘old horse knows its way.’”


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