Monthly review: reading list

Hubby has been trying to talk me into buying an Amazon Kindle. He got some coupons, and the final price for a 6” Kindle with WiFi and 3G after all the discounts is only $60 plus.  Pretty good deal, right?  Very attractive price indeed! We almost made up our minds. And then Hubby popped out one question which made both of us on the fence, “will we really read books if we buy the Kindle?” We are kinda internet-holic, and seldom read masterpiece books to enrich our heads. Plus, we already have a PDA and a tablet. We wonder…Do we really need a Kindle?  The price is sooo good, though.  We ponder…  Perhaps when we finally have a Kindle, we’ll automatically develop our good reading habits?  Maybe! Very convincing…

Here is the list of books I finished reading up to now since beginning of the year. However, the small quantity seems to provide negative evidence against our Kindle decision.  Ooops, most of the books are young adult books.

1.  The power of Now  by Eckhart Tolle

2.  Sun & Spoon  by Kevin Henkes

3.  Betsy and the Boys  by Carolun Haywood

4.  School Spirit  by Johnna Hurwitz

5.  Charlotte’s Web by E.B White

6.  Little Woman  by Louisa May Alcott

7.  A perfect Gem  by Melynda Beth Skinner

8.  Five-star Families  by Carol Kuykendall

9.  Becoming a person of Influence  by Maxwell Dornan

To-read list:-

1.  The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

2.  The seven habits of Highly Effective People

3.  The happiness Project


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