Lollipops make Eric happy.  It seems as if kids’ happiness is easy to be satiate.  Are we adults too profound to be satisfied?  How about living a simple and happy life just like a kid? Just find the trivial happiness in life.


Blogging is fun. Blogging is also boring. It takes effort and time, but it’s more like a discipline thing.    Why do I want to blog anyway?  I am inspired by Sacha. It all depends on the purpose of blogging.

Write for myself.  Sorta selfish, I know. Through blogging I take note of things I want to remember, lessons I learn, and friends or persons who add color to my life and I want to relate.  After months or years, when I look back and read what I write, I want to react in this way, “is that me who wrote this? Funny!” I want to see changes happen in myself, for the better side, as time goes on.

I’ll write as if I am a person I want to be.  In this way, I hope one day that I’ll be accustomed to be the person in my ideal.  You may say that I attempt to do self-branding, but I am quite grudging admitting it.  I’d rather say it is a self-discovery blog, a way to discover my true self, a better self.  Let’s see how it’s going.

Way to share.  Along the way, I hope things I put on the blog are somewhat worth sharing, helpful to others even in a very faint way.  I’ll be very positive to share.  Sometimes we are so used to neglecting the trivialness in life that we fail to see and find pleasure in it.  In this blog, I would like to brighten my eyes to find the trivial happiness in my life.  The things may be tiny and seem as if not worth mentioning at the first glance, but deep down, we can at least have an understanding smile on them.

Fashion.  Recently, I flamed out a huge interest in fashion. I couldn’t help browsing those fashion blogs for hours every day inexhaustibly.  This does me good though, because I finally become aware of care for my fashion style. I am in the process of building up my wardrobe, which may take some time.  So I may dabble in this topic now and then to share my thoughts.  This topic makes me smile while I am writing right now 🙂

At a time, I had an impulse to restart a brand new blog, which was kind of like out of an attempt to live a new life.  But then on a second thought, I decided to keep on blogging here.  I started this blog in 2006, that’s long time ago.  At least it shows that I make effort in blogging.


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