Take it easy

I read this article and reflected on it.  A casual conversation made the author to think so much and write such an inspiring article.  I’m really kinda jealous.  I hope I can polish my way of thinking so when I try to write something on my blog I don’t feel a blank mind.  The article’s title is “preparing for your next act”.  To me, fluent writing and speaking is my next act. LOL.

In the article, the author Trent said “our lives don’t always follow an orderly path.”  This sentence made me think about my life path.

Ten years ago, that’s 2001; in July, I boarded an airplane and settled down in Singapore for the next 6 years, for study and then work.  The arrangement was out of my career path.  I was just lucky to get the opportunity to study overseas. I passed my TOFEL and GRE tests in university but I didn’t plan to go abroad, and then the opportunity came when a friend informed me of NUS recruitment fair.

The study-and-work-abroad experience changed my path ahead.  We all always strive for better lives. Although lives don’t always follow a planned path, we expect in the future that we have a higher standard of living.  In school, we strived for good scores. We may be not sure what kind of jobs we’ll find after graduation, but we are sorta assured that better scores will guarantee a higher paycheck.  At work, we work hard and smart with the expectation that we can climb up the corporate ladder or at least we have more achievements to write on our resumes for next higher paid job.

For me, I want to take it easy.  I don’t want to importune myself for better something.  All I need is a better self.  This is my next act.  In order to achieve my goal of being better self, I have a lot of things to learn.

Learn to enjoy life, sip the trivial happiness slowly and leisurely.  Raised up in a primal countryside, I’m still trying to set myself in the modern life styles.

Learn to enlarge my social circle, and learn to make new friends.  It’s hard to adapt to a brand-new environment.  But making new friends should be easy as long as I open my heart and be patient.


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