I like the pink sunset in the evening.  The sky is blue, the cloud is pink. One’s mind becomes peaceful viewing the beautiful scene.   However, I don’t like the strong dazzling sunlight shining on my face when I am driving 🙂

This week I have driven 1.5 times to and fro LAX, totally avoiding freeways, only driving on local routes. Sounds crazy?  No kidding!  I was completely exhausted.  This was a BIG deal for me.  Worth taking a short note on it.

Hubby was on business trip from Monday to Wednesday.  He set off on Sunday night. I volunteered to send him off and then pick him up.  I got no guts to drive on freeways without hubby in the car (typical hubby-dependent-little-lady way of  thinking), so I set the GPS module as “avoid freeway” mode and we started off.  When we got going, it’s about 6pm.  The setting sun shone right on my face, and the glare of the sunlight made my eyes squinted but still it was difficult to see clearly ahead although I was wearing sunglasses. So I had to drive very carefully.

The GPS’ optimization algorithm drove me crazy too.  Whenever there were sorta short cuts with small angles compared to the straight routes, the GPS would keep on asking me to make right or left turns.  Because hubby and I were not familiar with the routes, this function was kinda annoying.  For once, I turned to the wrong route although I followed GPS’ instructions.  The design of the road was really complicated and overwhelming.

On the way back, it was already some time after 8pm.  It’s dark outside.  Only Eric and I were in the car.  Eric was fast asleep in the back seat.  I was following GPS’ instructions, which suggested a different route from the previous one.  While carefully driving, I kept on calling Jesus’ name, “Oh, Lord Jesus; Oh, Lord Jesus…”  This worked. I became calm down and felt very much secured.

The days without hubby around were really busy.  Taking bath for Eric, cooking, doing all the dishes, etc., all by myself.  I was so busy that I had no time to surf on Internet in the evening.  Good for me.

On Wednesday afternoon, I picked up Eric from pre-school, and then drove to the airport.  Again, the beautiful California sunshine dazzled me.  I had to pay full attention on driving.  Finally, when we met hubby, I had no intention to drive at all.  Hubby drove home on freeways; the entire journey took him about 40 minutes, while it took me 1.5 hours on local routes.  Can you believe it?  It drove naturally to a conclusion: freeways are really good investment for us people.

Arriving at home, I was totally collapsed.  Felt tired all over, from inside to outside.  I threw myself on bed at 9.30pm.  It’s good to have hubby at home.

Overall, it’s an interesting experience.


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