Yosemite: waterfalls in Aug

We went to Yosemite in Aug.  Before we set off, people told me that in Aug the waterfalls are not as big as they were in previous months. I was a little worried on the way there.  However, when I actually saw the waterfalls, I was still astounded by the beauty of nature.

Falling down from the top of the mountains which are towering into the sky, the waterfalls are splendid enough to give me a sense of grandeur and a feeling of awe to the operations of the Nature.  The waters are not very big indeed, however, this subtly adds their elegance and comeliness.

Standing at the foot and facing the waterfalls, I am welcomed by the cool moist blowing agaist my face.  Raising my face, deeply breathing the watery air, I feel comfortable and satisfied. (By the way, the boy in the picture is Eric :-))

Waters and mountains are intimate friends.  Mountains make waters more active by adding their height and wriggleness.  Waters always increase charm to the magnaficence of the mountains.

The waterfalls in Aug has given me enough pleasant surprise.  I am wondering: what’s more surprising gift that Yosemite prepares for me in other months?


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