Life is good

During chitchat with friend J, I shared with her one of my personal unpleasant experience which I had found difficulty to share with others before.  The outflow of the words come out of my mouth so naturally that I was amazed at the  enlightenment.

For once, the unpleasant experience had been a big burden on my heart. I had nobody to share it with, didn’t know how to share, and felt too shamed to share. Thus I attempted to heal it slowly with time, but time went torturingly slow.

Now I’m able to naturally share it with a friend, and this meant a lot to me. Firstly, the unpleasant experience is now slowly becoming an asset of life experience. My mind is walking out of its shadow and my emotion is no longer manipulated by it. I could calmly talk about it as if a sober looker-on who’s talking about other people’s story. I had suffered through it, learned from it, and now it’s time for me to put it among my accumulated life experience assets.

I’m also glad that I can share with my friend my unpleasant experience. Sharing is essential. However, previously I didn’t know how to share; I concerned that if I had shared unpleasant personal experience with others, it was like dumping garbage to others’ mind. Through today’s experience, I realized that it wasn’t the case. Sharing is natural flow, from one heart to another heart, based on empathy.  There are words of comfort, hearty discussion, and knowing smile, and there is no burden at all.

Life is good!


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