The Earth is like a ball?

I was born in a small farmer village in northern China. That’s a place like Arcadia, a heaven with peace and happiness.  Generations of people live there self-sufficiently farming, planting, and harvesting.  (Of course, now the situation in the village is totally different, young men and women strive to go outside for money making.)  They live simple and happy lives that most of the city dwellers envy a lot.  Most of the old gentlemen and ladies in the village don’t read or write and they didn’t physically see much of the outside world, although they watch TV.  Because of this, they sometimes make some silly but lovely comments which make me love them more.

When I was in Singapore, I complained to them about the hot weather there. “The weather is so hot, and everyday it is summer. The flowers have to bloom all year round, and they don’t have time to take a break at all.”  Hearing this, they opened their eyes with a suspicious look.  In northern China, we have four distinctive seasons, and it always snows in winter.  So when they heard that tropical country Singapore is always summer time, it’s kinda difficult to imagine.

Last time when I was in Georgia, U.S., I used to call back hometown around midnight, it was noon time there.  When my lovely villagers knew about this, they were even more amazed. I actually had a hearty discussion with an old gentlemen when I was back hometown.

He asked me, “I heard that when we are at daytime, it is dark night in the States. And when we are sleeping, they are working under the sunlight.  Is it true?”

I replied honestly, “Yes, there is about 12-hours time difference.”

He didn’t believe it, “How come?  It isn’t possible.”

I tried to explain, “because the Earth is round, it’s like a ball. We are on one side of the ball, and U.S. is on the other side of the ball.”

He’s puzzled even more, “the Earth is like a ball?  Funny. Then how can we stand on both sides of a ball? We’ll definitely fall off. ”

“Because the Earth has gravity, that’s why…” I tried to say more.

But he didn’t want to listen to me anymore while he continued to murmur that, “the Earth is like a ball? Day and night coexist on the same time? Not possible.”

They are such cute.  Although in modern society, the questions in the discussion seems clear even to little kids, my old fellow villagers just keep their simple, happy, and down-to-earth lives, proof to be affected by modern civilization.


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