Childhood story

Guess what I found out from the internet today? I found an article on the internet which elaborately described the folk custom and the theatrical troupe in my hometown village!!  While reading, I felt so warm in my heart.  The people’s names mentioned in the article sound so familiar to me, and I personally know most of them.

While reading this article, my memory valve bursts out. Memories of my childhood came flooding back.

My junior high school is about 3.5 kilometers away from my house.  Every morning I went to school by foot.  I was a good student and never arrived at school late.  One winter morning, I woke up before daylight. Although it seemed darker than usual outside, I didn’t pay much attention and didn’t check the time.  My other family members were still soundly asleep.  After grabbing some simple breakfast, I set off for school.  Soon I felt weird because usually I would meet several schoolmates on the road, but on that morning I met none of them.  The road was a cranky mountain route. The trees on the mountain presented various dark shadows. The air was crisp cold in the early winter morning of northern China, and there weren’t many lights on in the neighboring villages.  I started to feel scared, but I screwed up the courage to continue walking, trying my best to focus on my walking steps, rather than those scary ghost stories.  When I finally reached the point of the route that passed by behind one of my classmates’ house, I saw their light was on.  The dim light through the window sill was a warm glow in my heart.  I felt safe and hugely relieved.  I bet I was too early and school wasn’t open, so I sat on a stone along the roadside staring the light from the window, and just waited.  Before long, my classmate’s mom came out for work and saw me. She was very surprised to see me there at such an early hour. I told her why and asked her for time.  It was about 5:30am, which meant that I was one hour earlier than usual.  She invited me to wait in her house, but I thought it was too early to bother them, so I kept on sitting there for about an hour before setting out for school again.

The theatrical troupe in my village was very famous in the province.  The actors were all amateurs, most of them are old gentlemen and old ladies; they establish the troupe because they had passion for local drama. They were all volunteers.  Although minimal fee was charged for performance, the money all went to the properties of the drama. They practiced a lot in winter evenings.  When it’s time for big festivals, like Chinese New Year, the troupe members would spontaneously set up a simple stage at the edge of the village and open to the public.  The troupe was also invited by neighbor villages.

Speaking of the famous theatrical troupe in my village, I thought of a girl called Yan.  She was a pretty girl, younger than me, and she was the member of the troupe.  She was a natural actress, who performed so well on the stage that she caused a good sensation every winter.  I remembered that I was so jealous of her


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