Friend J

(this picture is from internet)

Friend J has a daughter, I have a son. Her daughter is only 3 months older than my son; the kids are at similar age, so they can play together well. In this way, J and I have a lot of topics to  chitchat, and most of them are about kids.

J and I become good friends not only because of the topics about the kids, but also attributing to her great personality.

The first time we met was in our church. I was new there back then. When J was introduced to me, similar upbringing background helped us to have a good talk for about ten minutes. When it was time to go, J invited me and my family to her house for dinner.  I was pleasantly surprised and accepted her  invitation.  Since then, I trusted in her sincerity.

We take turns to serve the children at the church.  Sometimes we serve together. During the serving, J showed her caring character.  She takes care of the young kids with pure heart, which makes her own daughter feel jealous a lot. 🙂

During Church meeting, when we sit side by side, people usually ask, “Are you two sisters?” From their tone I guess J and I look similar in some way, either by looks or by disposition.  Either way, I am happy to hear they asking.

J and I are good friends, but first of all, we are sisters in the body of Jesus Christ.


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