A model husband

This model husband I am talking about is not my hubby.  He’s one of my co-workers.

One day in the afternoon during break time, I saw him peeling an apple in the kitchen of the company.  He then cut the apple neatly into small pieces and put them in a plate. After all done, he called his wife to come to eat. The couple both works in the company, but in different departments.

I was curious, so asked him, “Were you peeling the apple for G (his wife)?”

“Yes.” He replied as if all he did was granted.

“Do you prepare the fruit for G every afternoon?”

“Yes. Sometimes fruit, sometimes some snacks.”

“Wow, you are a model husband.” I’m pretty impressed.

“It’s ok, as long as she doesn’t ask me to help to eat. hehe…”

A model husband. Stamp.


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