Book Review: Hannah on her way

This book is talking about growing pains.  There are two heroines in this book – Hannah and Caitie. Both of the 10-years-olds are in the fifth grade of the new school.

Hannah is artistic and introspective, who loves sketching, dolls, long braided hair, and her eccentric parents.  She has no friends in the new school, often labeled as baby by the popular girls in the class.  Caitie is quick at adapting to the new environment.  She becomes the best friend of the most popular girl in the class.  They think themselves as grown-ups and their topics are always around dress, makeup, and boys.

As said, Hannah and Caitie are as different as can be.  However, to Hannah’s surprise, Caitie befriends her.  As they spend time together, Hannah finds that she does a lot of things beyond her imagination, such as putting on make ups, changing hair style by cutting off the long braids, sending one of her artistic pictures to the magazine the New Yorker, and writing play script to fool the boys, etc..  In the process, they gradually learn what “growing up” really means.  Everybody grows at his or her own pace.  Growing up is a lot more than the outward signs of maturity – the clothes, the jewelry, and all that.  Growing up also means to value friendship.  Caitie and Hannah are so different, and it wasn’t always easy accepting that. But when they quarreled, they make up again. They don’t give up on each other.  Through everything, they are still friends.


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