Parenting: Dealing with temper tantrum

One night this week at around 11.30 pm, Eric woke up from sleep, sat up, and began to cry. At that time, Richard and I hadn’t gone to bed yet. We had no idea what had happened, so we sat together on Eric’s bed and tried our best to soothe him. We hugged Eric, patted him gently on the back, and spoke comforting words to him, while we were guessing what caused him to wake up and cry.
“Do you want to go bathroom?”
“Did you have a nightmare? That’s ok. Dad and mom are here. We are both here for you. Lie down, and I am sure you will have a sweet dream.”
“Are you hungry? Do you need anything?”

While we asked him all these questions, Eric didn’t reply a word, and he even cried harder. No matter how hard we tried to calm him and talk to him, Eric just couldn’t stop crying.
Finally, my patience ran out. I told Eric in a peaceful but firm tone,”Ok. If you want to cry, please keep on crying. Dad and I will sit here and wait till you finish crying and then we can talk.” After saying these, Richard and I didn’t say anything, and we were just sat there and waited. Soon, after one minute or two, Eric stopped crying. (My tactic works!:-))
So I asked him, “Have you finished crying?”
He nodded.
Then I asked him again, “Are you feeling ok? Do you need anything?”
He said, “I am feeling a stomach ache. I am very hungry.”
The communication went on very smoothly. We went to kitchen and Eric ate some leftover from dinner. After eating, he went to bed obediently.
From this case, I learned an efficient way to deal with preschooler’s temper tantrum: Just leave him alone and let him cool down by himself before communicate with him.


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