Parenting: talk about money…

Last night, Eric and I had an interesting conversation, regarding…money!
First Eric asked me, “Mom, why do you go to the company in the daytime?”
“Because I work there.” I replied.
“Why do you work?”
“I need to work for the company and contribute to the company growth, in exchange for salary paid by the company, i.e. money. With the money we earned, we can buy things we need and we want.”
“Mom, I like cars. If I want to buy one car, do I need money?”
“Yes. You have to give money to the car seller and then the seller will give you the car.”
“Even if I want to buy a toy car, do I still need money?”
“Yes. Toy car is cheaper, but paying money to the seller is a must. Otherwise, why does the seller want to give you a car?”
“I have money…in my piggy bank.” Eric said confidently.
“Yes. You have some money in the piggy bank. But I am sorry, son, your money is not enough for a toy car.”
“How do I earn money, mom?”
“You have to work, have to contribute. For example, you can do work such as helping mom sweep the floor, helping daddy water the plant, or getting yourself dressed up… There are a lot of good things you can help. If you do these things, mom will pay you accordingly.”
“OK. I want to earn money.” Eric was pretty excited with the idea.
“Now it is almost time to go to bed. If you take off your clothes, and put on your pajamas all by yourself, I’ll give you 10 cents. That’s one of the ways to make money.”
“Okay~~” Eric followed the instructions pleasantly.
After teeth brushing, I said to him once again, “now it is time to lie down on bed for sleep. If you don’t go to bed, then I’ll have to deduct money from your piggy bank. Make sense?”
“Yes.” Eric said obediently, but in a pleasant tone. He went to sleep very fast, without any drama that we usually got when we tried all our ways to let him go to bed.
Hmmm, how to cultivate kids with a proper attitude towards money is a big topic. Richard and I should put it on the agenda…


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