Spiritual: fellowship with the Lord being carried out by our will

For the past several days I have been reading a new book named Fellowshipping with the Lord for the Mingling of God with Man, written by Witness Lee. This book tells how to mingle our spirit with the Spirit of the Lord, learn to fellowship with the Lord, and how we can be used by God. This book is easy to read, and there are a lot of sparkles inside which really touches and lightens my spirit, helping me turn away from the environment and turn back to the Lord.
I have finished 2/3 of the book. And up to now one point touches me the most – fellowship with the Lord being carried out by our will.
Brother Lee pointed out one situation of the believers which sounds like talking about me:

We often excuse ourselves and say that we can’t pray because we are not in a good mood or that our thoughts are scattered. Some believers say that they can’t pray because they are in a bad mood or because their mind is not calm.

Very often, I found myself can’t open my mouth even to call on Lord Jesus’ name, needless to say to conduct a long prayer to praise the Lord. At the prayer meetings, I have nothing to say for Lord’s ministry so I just keep quiet. On the Lord’s Day, I sit among the saints and wait for other brothers and sisters to prophesy.
In this book, Brother Lee pointed out the reason for this kind of slothfulness. Our soul consists of mind, emotion, and will. Our mind and emotions are both unreliable, while our will is the most reliable part. The will is our rudder, and our thoughts (mind) and emotions are under the control of our will.
So when we are not willing to pray, we should force us to pray. We should force our mind to consider God. Initially, this may seem awkward. The Bible does not tell us to wait for our spirit to be moved. Rather, it uses imperatives in regard to praying, to proclaiming the word, to testifying, to praising, and to giving thanks in everything. We need to be active, to take the initiative, and to not wait passively. If we wait to be inspired, inspiration may never come. When we do not have an appetite for food, we must use our will and force ourselves to eat something.
However, in order to pray or fellowship with the Lord, we do not reply on our will but on our spirit. We must use our will to stir up our spirit, just as the ignition starts a car. Strictly speaking, exercising our spirit is equivalent to using our will to move our spirit. The only way to exercise our spirit is to use our will. As those who desire to learn to fellowship and pray, we must learn to exercise our will. If we don’t learn to exercise our will, we will not learn to fellowship.


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