A blue bird and a dream for home grown fresh tomatoes

This morning during breakfast, when Eric and I were busy eating, we suddenly heard Richard who had finished eating and was in the backyard shouted with a pleasant voice,”Hey, there is a blue bird on our roof.”  Eric and I ran out to take a look. Richard was so excited, pointing at the bird and asked us eagerly, “do you guys see it?  It’s over there on the roof”.  Surely we saw a pretty bird standing on the roof, with bright blue feather on the back and light red feather on the belly area. The bird looks similar as the one in the picture, although the picture was downloaded from Internet.  Eric was very happy too, but not as excited as Richard, he calmly said, “I saw a blue bird on the roof and a squirrel on the tree.” 🙂

P.S., last Sunday we bought five tomato seedlings and one sweet bell pepper seedling from Home Depot.  This summer we are determined to work a little bit harder on the gardening.  Last year, we didn’t plant tomatoes, but a coworker did, and she shared with us some of the fruit of their labor – the big red juicy organic tomatoes.  Since the tomatoes were home grown and organic, I didn’t use them for cooking; instead, I ate them directly after a little cleaning.  The taste was great. This experience prompted me to plant some tomato seedlings this summer at our backyard.


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