Marriage: Don’t take seriously over trivial issues

On the way back from my glucose tolerance test, I boasted to hubby that I finished drinking the bottle of solution within one minute, instead of the five minutes time frame requirement.

Hubby commented, “If I were you, I would have drank most of the solution in the first minute, and then drank the last few drops in the fifth minute.  In this way, when the doctor started to count time when you finished all of the solution at the fifth minute, you had most of the solution digested for four minutes already, and the overall test result would be more desirable.”

What a clever idea!  However, I didn’t want to buy into it.  Actually, hubby’s comments aroused my peevishness.  I snapped at him, “I don’t like you to play petty tricks.  It’s really a sign of stinginess to me.”

After a moment, I realized my rough tongue and started to be seized with remorse.  I should have treated hubby’s comments as a funny good one, and laughed together with him.  How come I took such a trivial matter so seriously and tended to argue with him?  Over these trifles, I should have a sense of humor and learn to enjoy the amusement out of them.

Recently I have been working so diligently on drafting personal mission statement and engaging in my own version of happiness project, and I have determined to treat my husband as the most important person in my life.  So I am pretty disappointed at myself for such an abrupt behavior.  It is really easy to take on mere paper talk, and hard to put theories and principles into practice.

Anyway, this is listed on my action plan:  Don’t take seriously over trivial issues.  Learn to appreciate hubby’s sense of humor and laugh loud together.


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