Book: Pollyanna

I finally finished reading the book Pollyanna.   Deeply impressed by Pollyanna’s positive attitude towards life and her “just being glad” game.   Pollyanna, an eleven-year-old girl, with her happy game, uplifted people’s minds and spirits in the entire town.

It really takes courage and heart to maintain such a Pollyanna attitude.  Just one illustration about how Pollyanna made it in an extreme difficult condition:-

When Pollyanna had nowhere to go after her father died and was adopted by her Aunt Polly, the wealthy auntie let her live in an attic room, a shabby, hot, stifling room,stacked innumerable trunks and boxes, which is nothing like her dream room of curtains, rugs, and pictures.  Under such circumstances, what did poor lonely Pollyanna do?  Is there a way that she is able to play her “just being glad” game? YES, SHE IS!

I can be glad there isn’t any looking-glass here, cause where there isn’t any glass I can’t see my freckles.

After she looked out of the window, she gave a glad cry and clapped her hand joyously.

Oh Nancy, I hadn’t seen this before. Look — way off there, with those trees and the houses and that lovely church spire, and the river shining just like silver.  Why, Nancy, there doesn’t anybody need any pictures with that to look at.  Oh, I’m so glad now she let me have this room!

Some people, out of so called self-pride or high ego, maintain a grumpy and complaining life.  Just like Aunt Polly and Dr. Chilton, they loved each other so much.  However, due to some trivial argument between lovers, they parted each other, and each of them led a miserable life ever since.  Although they came together again and got married in the end out of Pollyanna’s positive impact, who would compensate them the 15 grumbling years that they wasted?

So, play the “just being glad” game with Pollyanna, find something to be happy about out of every situation.  No shame to be silly, because we can’t afford the time to waste in complaint and unhappiness.

I try to play Pollyanna’s game in my life.

On the other day, hubby and I played chess.  I lost in a complete mess.  I was really upset about it.  Not only because I lost the game, but also because hubby went to all lengths to win me, while he is a professional chess player and I am only a new learner. It was discouraging to me.

Then I played the Pollyanna game myself.  I treat the game as the good opportunity to deal with my “fear of losing”.  And I plan to play chess again and again with hubby to enjoy the feeling of being defeated.  🙂


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