Book: How to develop self-confidence & influence people by public speaking by Dale Carnegie

This book is a masterpiece written by Dale Carnegie.   The public speaking skills introduced in the book are very useful and practical.  I found that I can always refer to the book and rely on the skills when I’m overwhelmed by some lectures’ preparation.

Besides the speech skills, I also found that the diction used in the book is elegant and beautiful.  That’s why I read the book twice since March.  The method I read it is really to read out loudly and audibly.   As said here, reading it is an enjoyable experience and a boost for me to improve my English reading and writing skills.

So what is my plan to improve my public speaking skills?  At the moment, I don’t have many chances to do speech.  However, I found below occasions should serve my purpose and sharp my speech weapon well.

  • Seize every opportunity for presentations and meetings at the company.  Do homework in advance, and make sure to understand each issue thoroughly beforehand.
  • Read morning revival materials. If I go to Church, do prophesy.  Prophesy at the mingled language church meeting.
  • Prepare several versions of self-introduction for various occasions – church, company or business, and a generic version.
  • Use the blog as a tool to organize and tidy my thoughts.
  • Think the possibility of Youtube personal channel.

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