Yes, yes; No, no

On last Lord’s Day, a sister from the church came to hubby and me after the Lord’s Table, with a book in her hand.   The sister looked excited.  She said she had just finished reading the book; it was a very good spiritual book; and she recommended it highly to us to read it.  After that, she then asked who, between hubby and me, would have time to read the book.  I immediately raised my hand and answered, “I do.” So the sister lent the book to us.

When we got home, hubby asked me, “Do you really have time to read the book?”

I answered,”yes, I have time to read it for sure, because I sometimes work from home these days.  However, the book was written in Chinese, and I am afraid that I don’t have much interest to read Chinese books.”

Hubby then asked me, “Why did you raise your hand so quickly when the sister asked us to read the book, if you don’t have much interest in it?”

I answered honestly, “I saw the sister was so excited, and I didn’t want to disappoint her.”

Hubby was thoughtful for a while and then said, “I don’t know if your slick reaction is good or not. If I am not sure if I can read it, I would not be so affirmative.”

Hubby’s words made me feel ashamed.  I admit that I was a little tactful sometimes, mainly out of the worry that to speak the truth may disappoint or embarrass others.  I always take the excuse that my intention is good when I don’t speak my real feeling. To speak the truth takes a lot of courage.  It is pretty obvious that the real reason that I don’t speak up my real feeling is due to lack of courage.

The Lord Jesus told us in Matthew 5:37 that “But let your word be, Yes, yes; No, no; for anything more than these is of the evil one.” Indeed, yes, yes; no, no. Be a frank person, no exaggeration, and no concealing.   It may be hard sometimes, but it is the proper way that a Christian should follow.

After the above thinking, I decided to mend my ways by keeping my promise to the sister and finishing reading the book.  I spent a day reading through the book.  Indeed, it is a very good book, and I get a lot out of it.


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