Identity reframe

In this article Constantly feel good about yourself using these 3 steps, the author asked a question which makes me think a lot.

If you were asked to describe yourself, what would you say? What be the first adjectives that you would come out with?

The author says,

Experts say that a person’s self-worth can be assessed by the first five words that he would use to answer this question. If you answer with negative adjectives, then you would need to redefine how you think about yourself. Instead of focusing on the shortfalls in your life, bring to mind things that make you special.

The questions are really good. I then ask myself, what’s the first adjective will I use to describe myself?


Although this is still a more would-like-to-be than actually-am, I am happy that I think of this word in my mind when describe myself.

I wasn’t confident before.  One of the obvious proof was that whenever I lived in a new environment, I would take quite some time to adapt into the surroundings.  From leaving home to attend high school, college in JN, graduate school in BJ, study and work in Singapore, to the final settlement in the States, each step was not easy for me.  I felt awkward and devoted full energy to struggle to adapt to the new lives in the first one or two years.

I remembered that back in Singapore, a friends complimented another friend Hellen by saying that Hellen has a mind of wide scope so she was able to cope with each situation easily and calmly.  I so envied Helen, and hoped to be like her someday.

Now I believe I have experienced a lot, been more mature, and thus been more confident.  Good for me.


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