Dealing with baby constipation

Baby Daisy pooped in the early morning. We are all delighted.

For weeks, Daisy got an issue with poo poo.  we got stressed too.  I consulted the pediatric, and she asked us to use pediatric suppositories.  Parents-in-law disapproved to use it, and I was afraid the side effect of it too (a “laxative habit” maybe makes the baby to depend on the laxative for a bowel movement.), so we didn’t try the glycerin suppository yet.

We tried the prune juice though.  Half ounce water plus half ounce prune juice.  For the first time, after 7 days in a row without poo poo, Daisy became very fussy and uncomfortable.  She tried to push from time to time, but nothing came out.  We fed Daisy prune juice twice in a day,  It worked.  Daisy pooed after about one hour.  For the second time, Daisy didn’t poop for 6 days, but she didn’t show much signs of discomfort.  Parents-in-law became worried though.  We fed her prune juice again, twice in a day.   Daisy seemed very uncomfortable after drank the juice, and it was very obvious that she got a cramp in the stomach.  Although she pooed again after one or two hours.  We were all concerned about feeding her prune juice.

What to do next?  I searched online and found baby constipation is quite common, especially for babies like Daisy who is on both breast feeding and bottle feeding.  Various suggestions are offered by new parents, and the feedback on effectiveness are varied too.  Some solutions work for some baby, but not for others.  Concerns and side effects for each solutions are discussed online as well.

After careful thought, we decided to try below methods for Daisy:-

1) I keep pumping  breast milk in order to feed Daisy as much as possible breast milk.

2) For one meal, either feed Daisy breast milk or formula, no mix.

3) stick with one formula for at least one week.  The purpose is find out which formula works best against Daisy’s constipation.  We have tried Enfamil regular, Good start, and Enfamil Gentle Release in the past several weeks.  However, we didn’t stick to any one of them for long, and sometimes we switch formulas within a day.  So we are not sure which one is the best choice for our case.  For the experiment, we decided to stick with Enfamil Gentle Release first, which is highly recommended by many parents.

4) Give Daisy some exercise every day.  Mainly belly massage and legs rotating.  I found that the legs rotating in the movement of bicycle riding  is very useful.  The key point is to gently hold baby’s legs, push gently until the legs almost touch the belly. In this way, the leg movement will really help the bowel movement.

Now it seems that one or more of the above methods works and Daisy is able to initiate a bowel movement and poop on the fourth day all by herself.  We are kinda relieved. We really hope that the constipation issue is not an issue any more.


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