A useful app: instapaper

Recently I am happy to found this application Instapaper for saving webpages and reading later.  It is simple and convenient to use. I would like to highly recommend it.

How it works?

First, go to its website to create a free account in order to get started.

Second, drag the read later button to your bookmark bar. And the app is ready to use. It is that simple.

Third, when you find an article you want to read, but don’t have time, then just click the read later button on the bookmark bar, and the article will be saved to your instapaper.

Why is this app so attractive?

I am still exploring its benefits.  Up to now, these are what I found:-

1) Once you save an article to the app, you can read it in the original webpage by just clicking the article title link, or you can read it in a text only version.  The text only version is highly recommended, because all the advertisements or other unnecessary info on the original webpage are removed, and you can enjoy your reading in a super clean environment.

2) There is a folders button on the right hand side, which you can use to add new folders to organize your articles.

3) Instapaper allows you to share articles with your online friends via facebook, twitter, and tumblr, or save articles to your pinboard and evernote accounts.  When you like an article in instapaper, it will automatically be posted or saved to the above personal accounts.


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