Abundance mentality

It can happen in any environment: home, work, a social activity, etc..

After I finished reporting the issue I detected and provided the effective solution I proposed, a person commented in hindsight, “I have already told you so, blah, blah…”

This kind of comments usually made me feel a little uncomfortable,  which sounded to me that my credit was taken away from me.  It seemed that I would not amount to anything without his previous wise words (although I couldn’t remember clearly if he really said so).

However, this time I replied to his comments cheerfully and naturally, “Yeah, I think so too.  The solution seems effective…”

I am a little amazed at my response.   I didn’t argue with him if he really had such foresight.  My emotion wasn’t affected as well.  I managed to stand in my position and maintain a positive attitude.

I owe my improvement to the several books I am currently reading.   It is about the difference between scarcity mentality and abundance mentality.


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