I am at a point of asking myself why I shall blog.  Yesterday evening I roughly read through my blog articles in the archive.  I started blogging since Jan 2006, on and off till now. While looking through the articles, I feel amazed how time flies.  At the same time, I marshaled my thoughts on the purpose of blogging.

The blog is really for memory keeping and refreshing.  Some of the things I thought they happened just yesterday because I still have vivid memory for them, however, they occurred long time ago.  Some of the other things have almost slipped out of my memory, while they only happened not long ago; If I hadn’t record them down in the blog, I would probably forget about them.

By reading through the articles I blogged before, I feel good about myself.  I used to be a self-conscious person, usually thinking myself to be boring.  So you can guess what a pleasant surprise it is for me to find out the person behind the articles are actually clear-thinking, humorous, and friendly.  I love the self I just found out.  Without blogging, I couldn’t have such discovery.

Blogging makes me remain sane.  It is good to build my character too.  By noting down the trivial happiness in life, I felt happy multiple times — once during the occurrence, once during the writing, and many times afterwards when I refer back to it by reading the writing.  By taking note of the lessons I learned from life, I keep myself alert and avoid trouble wisely.

At the same time, I want to make sure that I am writing something that is worthy of sharing.  In this way, I would like to explore the blog-sphere by making more friends and assimilate into American culture.


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