Winter Blues solution

This week the temperature suddenly dropped to the 60s and it is getting very cold, which reminds me winter is drawing near.  Joanna Goddard from A cup of Jo shared some ideas about how to overcome winter blues. I have the fear of winter blues too, especially after the daylight saving time ends. The days are getting very short, and it is cold, dark, and wet in the evenings(because it rains very often in Southern California in winter time.)  So here are my solutions for putting up with winter blues and making the season feel brighter and cheerier. (You may also refer to Joanna Goddard‘s winter blues antidotes here.)

1. Turn on the heater.  Even though we can make do without turning on the heater most of the time in winter, I’ll prefer to put the heating on this season.  In this way, the atmosphere in the room will be much more comfortable and warm.

2. Go to malls more often on weekend.  I tend to feel lonely in a cold weather.  Go to malls crowded with people will make me feel good and live.  Of course, I’ll be careful to keep a close watch over my purse and not to over-spend.

3. Wear clothes with vivid colors.  Colorful clothes will lighten me up easily.  Orange is my preference for this time of the year.

Dear friends, what’s your tips for a bright and cheery winter?

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