Back to work

Yesterday I was back to work, after 3-month maternity leave.  Everything in the office looked like the same, however, I felt slightly unfamiliar and kind of new.  I emailed co-workers a picture of Daisy and brought some biscotties to share.  In the morning, I walked from cubicle to cubicle and greeted every co-worker.  Some of the co-workers who usually work at remote sites came back to office for some sales meeting on Monday, so we had a good chat during lunch time.  It is good to see all the co-workers and caught up with some updates.

Although I have more than 1100 emails to peruse, I feel work is more relaxing than taking care of a baby.  I didn’t miss Daisy very much during the day, maybe because I feel comfortable for my parents in law to take care of her.

(picture is from internet)


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