Eric loves drawing.  Whenever he gets a chance, he’ll draw his favorite trains and tracks.

Since Eric has so much interest in drawing, we would like to cultivate his potential on this aspect more.  So we registered him for a drawing class in the local community college.  I also bought several books for him.  However, ever since he attended the class, he didn’t show any enthusiasm over the class and the books.  I was slightly disappointed and wondered why.

Yesterday evening I pulled out one of the books and suggested Eric to draw together.  He was excited.  We sat down together, brought out two sheets of paper, one for Eric and one for me, we chose our favorite crayon colors, and then we started drawing.  For each picture, first, we had a little discussion; second, we decided who took the lead to give drawing instructions step by step; third, we discuss more during drawing; fourth, after drawing, we compare our drawings to look for space of improvement, and if we thought the outcome was not as expected, we would make remarks for one more time drawing in the future.  Anyway, we worked as a wonderful team.

We drew one picture after another.  When we finished 10 pictures, I felt very tired, and I believed Eric was very tired too.  So I asked if we could call it a day.  Eric replied that he was not tired and he wanted to draw some more.  So we drew for another half an hour.  During the period I proposed several times for a break, and Eric was just reluctant to do so.  Until I promised to draw with him again the next day, Eric finally agreed to wrap up. By then, it was about 9 pm already.

I felt both happy and guilty.  I was happy because Eric indeed has a passion for drawing.  I was guilty because I didn’t do my best to cultivate his skill before yet I complained that he didn’t work hard.  I determined to accompany Eric for his drawing, reading, and activities as much as possible.


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