A sparkle in the memory

I was raised in a not-so-wealthy family.  However, we family members are very close and the atmosphere at home is always very warm.  This morning I suddenly remember a small detail in my childhood and am deeply moved by my parents’ affection towards us three kids.

When I was young, my dad was on night shift every other month.  When he was on night shift, the company provided snacks during the work hours.  The snacks were usually two Chinese breads or two meat pies.  In those days these kind of snacks were sorta luxury.  My daddy never ate the food during work.  He always spared them and brought back home to us kids.  I sometimes took the snack to school for lunch when I was in middle school.  I didn’t understanding daddy’s love back then, and sometimes I even complained that the breads weren’t fresh enough.

Now when I looked back, I am sure that daddy definitely needed the food to replenish his energy for work.  However, he saved them for us.  He did this so naturally that we kids almost took it for granted.  In my memory, daddy and mommy never mentioned this little thing when we grew up.  To them, loving us three kids is so unconditional.

Now I have my own kids, and I can understand well of this kind of parents’ love.  I would like to follow my parents’ suit and love my kids unconditionally.


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