On Saturday Jing came by with a paper bag in her hand, in which there were four big crabs.  Ahh, it is the season to eat crabs again.  Jing said Jackson went to the beach in the early morning and bought 40 pounds crabs.  It’s not easy to buy these crabs, and people need to get there really early, at least before 5am.  Jackson got there at around 5am, and he was already in the fifth batch to get in. When he came out, there were still about 80 people waiting outside.  Jing and Jackson kept some crabs for themselves, and distributed the rest out to all their friends.  We are one of those beneficiaries.  

I am deeply moved by Jing and Jackson’s good deeds.  I feel blessed for all the friends out there who think of us when they have good stuff to share.  Recently we often receive gifts from friends.  Currently most of Eric and Daisy’s clothes are from friends, either new clothes or old clothes passed down from their bigger kids.  Friends from the Church often share with us their home grown fruits and vegetables. 

My way of thinking is slowly changing towards the good direction under the influence of my friends.  Previously I was a person who barely thought of sharing.  Although I am a social person, I seldom thought of the intersection with other people’s lives and always focus on my own family life.  Now I get to know that each of us are not alone.  We need our friends’ accompany physically and emotionally, besides the family members.  We need to share our joy with friends to multiply the happy feeling, and sometimes we need to pour our heart to someone outside the family as an emotional outlet.  

Friendship is so important.  My friends are so kind to me.  Naturally I think of ways to return, and I would like to spend time and effort to maintain the precious friendship.


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