The dreams of school exams

I don’t know you guys, for me, I am still bothered by the dreams of school exams, although I have graduated from school for about 10 years.  In these dreams, I always had trouble to do exams: sometimes I got up too late to arrive at the examination room on time; sometimes there was traffic jam or other things happened on the road and I couldn’t reach the exam site; some other times I forgot to study for the test and my mind went completely blank facing the questions, and I was scared; and in some other dreams I had trouble to finish the exam questions on time and scolded by the teachers.

The funny thing is, in some of the dreams, I comforted myself: don’t be scared, Susan, it is just a dream.  However, later on still in the dreams, I found out that it wasn’t a dream and I got stressed even more.  When I finally woke up, I still had a lingering fear and felt super lucky once I was completely awake and ensured that what happened was INDEED just a dream.

I stayed in school for 19.5 years in a row, attended four universities, and got one bachelor degree and three master degrees.  Needless to say, I was a good student.  Most of the time I remained top 1 or 2 as far as academic performance was concerned.  Although I was very good at handling school exams, I was far from enjoying them, and I never felt at ease facing all those exams, big and small.  I still dreamed of exams now and then, which forced me to relive the pressure brought out of them.  Now I was very glad that those school exams are really only dream. 🙂


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