Desire to outshine others

Sometimes we appear to be knowledgeable, sound like we knowing everything.  We utilize every opportunity to outshine or out rank others and show off our own superiority.  What is the subtle mentality behind such a proud outlook? A sense of inferiority.  If one feels inferior subconsciously,  the drawback is like a big hole, which makes the person feel empty and afraid inwardly.  Instead of strengthen oneself to fill up the hole (or they don’t know how to do so), most people strive to appear very strong outwardly.

I recently have similar attitude.  I strive for gold stars.  I input extra effort to do things with the hope that People recognize that I am a very capable person and then admit that their first impression on me was wrong.  This is not good because, with the desire to outshine others, my starting point is wrong.  I do things not for the best result, but try to use the best result to change People’s opinion.   If People’s opinion doesn’t change, I easily become emotional and tend to complain.  No matter how excellent I am, I need to adjust my attitude.  How?  I should learn to not care about other people’s opinions towards me.  Everyone has his/her own opinions, and the opinions are not objective enough,  why should I bother to care about their opinions and then be affected by the biased opinions?


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