Meimei now goes to daycare every day, the same daycare school as the Gege’s.  The in-laws will go back soon.  I can expect that our life will be very busy. So in order to cope with the busyness and make the life a little bit easier and under control, I would like to have some simple plan in advance .

1) Take full use of the slow stew pot. We bought a slow stew pot last year from the black Friday deal.  However, we only used it for a few times ever since.  I guess we’ll reply on it more since now on.  I’ll check online recipes and select at least 5 ones to add on our staple menu.

2) Plan weekly dinner menu every Friday night.  In this way, we’ll go grocery shopping on Saturday and start to prepare cooking from Sunday onwards.

3) Purchase more half-cooked food from Costco.  This suggestion came from the Big Man.  He said semi-finished food will save us a lot of time.

4) Adjust work schedule.  Our company’s work schedule is very flexible.  As long as we work for 8 hours a day, I can adjust the on/off work time.  Currently we usually arrive at the company at 9.30am, and leaves for home at 6.30pm.  However, to get along with the new situation, we plan to go to work at 8am, and leaves at 5pm.  In this way, we’ll have a longer evening for dinner, bathes for the two kids, and family time.


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