Happy New Year

2012 was a good year. I gave birth to my baby girl Meimei in July, got along well with my in-laws while they were here at our house, we bought a house in December, enjoyed church life, and worked hard for the job.  I read 10 plus books in 2012 and improved my English a lot, which greatly boosted my confidence.

Looking forward to year 2013, I would like to list out our some new year routines (not big ones, but hard to keep.)

Church life:-

  • Go to Saturday Bible study group — every Saturday unless there is absolute reason of not going.
  • Go to Church Sunday morning — every Sunday unless there is absolute reason of not going.
  • Serve at Friday night student Bible study group.
  • Bible reading with partner sister Su every Wednesday night.

Family life:-

  •  Good communication with hubby.  Say “I love you” to hubby at least once a day.
  • Read 3-5 books about marriage life.  Read 5 books about parenting.
  • School registration for Gege.
  • Swimming class / drawing class / chess contest for Gege.
  • Plan two family vacations in 2013.
  • Cook good meals for family.  Try at least one new recipe every week.
  • Record daily life in the blog. Shoot at least one photo for Gege and Meimei, like Jodi is currently doing.

Personal life:-

  • Pay attention to daily outfits.  Copy the outfits from several fashion blogs.  Annual budget for clothing is $600.
  • Light make up everyday. Look more professional.
  • Read at least one English article a week. (NCE or VOA news). Listen to at least one piece of VOA news every day.
  • Read 5 novels or other books.
  • Write weekly review, as Sacha recommended.


  • Do my best at work. Get along well with co-workers.
  • Whenever talk, speak up with a cheerful and confident voice.
  • Publish two industry articles in the professional websites.

Financial life:-

  • Maintain a good dividend account.
  • Buy a condo in 2013.
  • 10% investment profit is given to the Church. 

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