High-heeled shoes

I seldom wear high-heeled shoes because I was never sure how to walk on them. They usually make me feel awkward and exhausted.  That’s why I bought a nice pair of shoes with high heels (only with average height which is high enough to daunt me) over a year ago, but only wore them for less than five times.

Today upon a sudden pulse, I wore them to work.  One of the co-workers saw them and commented  they were beautiful and she liked them very much.   After hearing my concern, she offered me some tips about how to wear high-heeled shoes: firstly, imagine that your spine and your heels are in a line;  secondly, whenever walk on high-heels, stomach in, chest out, and head up; thirdly, land the heels first before landing the sole whenever walking on high heels.  In this way, you’ll put more gravity on the heels, which helps to balance the body.

I remembered Wendy shot a nice video on how to walk on high heels.  Will find it out when I have time.


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