Kindergarten open house

Yesterday we went to our home school.  It is kindergarten open house day.  Hubby and I took Eric there.  

The teachers are great.  They introduced what they typically do for the kindergarten class.  One of the teachers read a story to the kids on the spot to demonstrate the parents their teaching style.  

What impressed me most is the 7 iPads in the classroom, which were purchased last year.  The teacher introduced that the kids who finish their work first can go to the iPads to play some learning games.  As soon as the teachers finished introduction and asked the kids to feel free to do some artwork, craft, writing, etc., most of the kids went to play on the iPad immediately 🙂  Oh, Apple, you are too charming.

Eric likes the school very much.  He likes the teachers, the classroom, the playground… everything.   He played a little while on the playground.  Eric really likes to play outside.  That’s good for him.  

For a soon-to-be-a-kindergartner, I absolutely see the necessity of discipline.  I am reading some parenting books currently, and I would like to get some guidelines about how to bring up a good kid.  Hopefully I can share some ideas soon.


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