A little bit of self-discipline

The other day I read these wise words from Noah Benshea,”of all the things you can give your kids, give them a little of your time.”

What he said really struck a responsive chord in my heart.  I have been putting effort to raise happy, healthy, and confident kids.  I am reading several parenting books, which really helps.  However, sometimes during the daily life, I felt I was at my wit’s end.

The saying from Noah Benshea enlightened me. I thought, why not start small by spending more quality time with my kids? To make it clearer and much more feasible, I give myself a little bit of self-discipline as the action plan — don’t browse on the computer, notebook, tablets, etc. during the day, unless I accompany Eric to play some educational games or watch some kids’ videos on the computer.  I’ll use the time to read books with the kids or play together with them.


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