Eric really likes to play.  Yeah, every kids like to play.  However, from Eric I see that the fondness of playing is from his bottom of heart.  His playful personality is not showed from big activities, but from everyday little deeds.

For example, on Saturday we went to the library.  From parking lot to the  library entrance, the distance is not too long.  On the way, Eric climbed up and jumped down every stone block on the pavement, while counting the number of stone blocks with his newly-learned Spanish.

Another example, after finished drawing in Justin’s house, Eric was very tired, but he still ran several rounds along the swimming pool, just for fun.  He also invited me to race with him.

The other day when we were at kindergarten open house, one of the students’ parent asked Eric if he was interested in playing hopscotch on the playground, Eric jumped along immediately without any shy or hesitation.

Eric’s pure joy from playing is usually overflowed to me while I observe him playing. I am always moved by his pure and carefree personality.


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