Kids’ book reading: Mr. Putter and Tabby feed the fish

Today as part of the plan to improve language skill and social skill, Eric and I read the book Mr. Putter & Tabby Feed the Fish.

The story is like this: Mr. Putter bought three goldfish. However, his fine cat, Tabby, got a fish problem: she couldn’t help batting the fishbowl all the time.  Mr. Putter first put a pillowcase over the fishbowl, which couldn’t stop Tabby doing the batting because she would go underneath the pillowcase to bat the fishbowl. Then Mr. Putter put a bucket over the fishbowl.  He had to get the fishbowl covered all the time, otherwise, Tabby would watch the fish and got her fish problem.  Finally, Mr. Putter called his neighbor, Mrs. Teaberry, and offered to give the fish to her.  Mrs. Teaberry and her good dog Zeke were happy to keep the fish.  Zeke didn’t have fish problem.  Instead, whenever Zeke saw the fish, he got so relaxed that he would go to sound sleep immediately.  Mr. Putter and Tabby led a relaxing life too without watching the fish.

There are four chapters in this book: The fish store; Bat; Bat, bat, bat; So relaxed.  These four short chapters make the book felt shorter.  This is a very good book for a kindergartner.  A kindergartner is able to read and apprehend the stories in the book, while a little bit challenging.  It’s good to have parent’s guidance though.

Eric asked me to read this book for him, and tomorrow he will read another book to me.  We take turns reading books.  After finish reading each chapter of this book, I retold the story in my own way, which was like a summary of the chapter.  After I finished the summary, I asked Eric to tell the chapter in his own way.  At first Eric felt a little uneasy and didn’t have much clue.  I allowed him to turn the pages and read while he told the story. I also asked leading questions and encouraged Eric all the time. The result was pretty good.  Actually Eric is much better than he appeared to be.  In the end he told the stories in his own way without referring to the book, and in a much detailed way than I did.

Ah, Eric is such a good boy.  All he need is a little bit encouragement.  I surely can help him on this part.  I also suggested him to be my English teach since his English is better than mine.  He happily accepted my suggestion and became my teacher. 🙂


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