Working on improving social skills

Today we had a conversation with Eric’s teach Mrs. George at Kindergarten.  Mrs. George said Eric is doing good academically. For the area of improvement, Mrs. George pointed it out that Eric needs to improve his social skills. We understand the reasons for Eric’s shyness. Firstly, we speak Chinese at home, Chinese is probably his fist logical thinking language. When he’s in the all English environment at school, he might be feeling slightly uneasy; Secondly, it’s related to his character. For example, Eric is a very smart boy. When the teacher teaches a song, he will know how to sing all by himself after the teacher repeats twice or three times. However, if the teacher asks him to sing, he usually shrugs his shoulders.

Parents play the most important role in a kid’s personality development. I’ll definitely help Eric to improvement on this part. I haven’t give it a deep thought yet, regarding the solutions. However, I plan to do the following first.

Take it easy

I’ll remind myself repeatedly that character development is a slow and natural process. It takes time. I won’t give myself or Eric any pressure. However, it is definitely the top priority on my schedule. We are Eric’s parents, if we don’t care for him, who will? Nothing else in our life is more important than my kids.

Start small

Take small steps in order to boost the confidence level.
Never say negative words to our kids. Always encourage them to do things.
We will consciously not pay attention to Eric’s awkwardness or shyness in public places. When he thinks nobody is paying attention to him, he’ll probably feel at ease.
We’ll plan to take Eric to most of the places that we go in order to help him to interact with various situations and conversations.
Ask Eric to order his meal at restaurants. Encourage Eric to handle his own part in similar situations.
Family story time every night. We sit in a circle. When we finish reading a book, everyone asks a question about the book to the person on the right hand side; or everyone take turns to reiterate the story.

Parents self-improvement

I’ll focus on improving myself on my own social skills. In this way, I’ll be a role model to my kids and they will follow suit.
BTW, here is a good source for improving social skills.


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